How It Works

The choice is made to participate in the Clothing and Shoe Drive Program as a way to develop funds for your organizatiion. There is no cost to your organization. The collection, processing and distribution of the clothing and shoes is 100% paid for by Alberta Clothing Collections. We work with you to set up, promote and manage your drive, so it is easy, effective, educational and fun. Your organization will be paid on the scaled weight of the total poundage collected and a cheque is issued within 24 hours of a Monday-Friday collection and the next business day after a week-end collection.

Who Benefits

Almost everyone has clothes they don’t use or that no longer fit. Our clothing drives were developed to help schools, charities and other organizations provide their patrons with an eco-friendly opportunity to rid their closets and storage rooms of reusable clothing, shoes and linens. This provides a tangible benefit to the whole community and sets an example of sustainability. We’ll work with you to set up, promote and manage your eco-friendly clothing drive, making it easy, effective, educational and fun.

Alberta Clothing Collection Ltd initiates the process of recycling various materials, knitted clothing such as wool and acrylics, as well as woven materials, sorting them into many grades. Un-wearable material of no cotton content, for example, wool knits and wool wovens, acrylics of solids and mixed colours, and others, are put through a process of “pulling”. At mills, they are are remade into thread and used, to make new clothing and textiles. You may be surprised to know that you can find recycled textiles used as stuffing, insulation and soundproofing in your furniture, car and house and even in the clothing you are wearing. Even our waste cuttings from the wiping rag process or a single sock with a hole in it are baled as low quality grade and sent to mills to process into a thread of low grade.

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