The Clothing Bank Program

The following will explain how the clothing bank program works, why it works and who it benefits.

How it works

Organizations choose to participate in the program as a fundraiser. There is no cost to the organization. The clothing bins, the collection of the clothing, the processing and the distribution of the clothing are 100% paid for by Alberta Community Clothing Collection Ltd. The clothing bins carry the logo/name of the organization and the charities are paid monthly on a per pound basis for the clothing/textiles collected. All responsibility for clothing bank capital cost, maintenance, decaling and collection is borne by Alberta CCC.

Why it works

Fundraising is a costly business for organizations. It costs money and time to raise money, and requires the co-ordination of a team to come up with a plan and execute it. 100% of the money raised by ACCC from its clothing collection bins can be spent on programs. ACCC specializes in the collection and recycling of textiles and generates substantial amounts of funding on an ongoing basis and at no cost for charitable organisations, so that the charitable organisations can concentrate on what they do best. This is a program with no end date. Time and energy spent on sourcing new streams of revenue are freed up so organizations can get on with helping the community. If you would like to join us, send us an email.

Who it benefits

The benefits extend from the donor who discards what they no longer want, the site sponsor who is happy to be sponsoring an organization they support and facilitating a service for their customers, and the local charitable organizations who receive much needed funding and name recognition for their organization. The employees of Alberta CCC benefit, as do their suppliers and customers, ultimately the environment benefits from our complete recycling process that ensures zero textile waste and all the employment and processing remains in Canada. But the real winners are the children, teenagers, adults and families who access the many programs offered by the organizations, many of whom have built up programs dependant on Alberta CCC funding.

You may recognize the larger organizations and know their work in the community, but we also support the small organizations who struggle with name recognition and lack of government funding, or organizations who while supplied with government funding cannot access that funding for needed programs